2022 (10 Months - August 2022 to Present)
Mobile App UI Design, Web Design
I joined Amtrak as a UX Design summer intern in June 2022. I have since been working with them on enhancing their digital sales channels.
Tools: Sketch, Invision, Figma
NOTE: The details of my work are under an NDA so I can not share them publicly. Please e-mail me to know more about my work in this project.

'Amtrak®' name and the Amtrak® logo is a registered trade mark of 'National Railroad Passenger Corporation' of the United States and shall not be used or recreated anywhere.

My Role

During my summer internship with Amtrak, I focused on enhancing the booking flow for their mobile app.

Amtrak mobile app has 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store and 100k+ reviews on the Apple App Store.

I was involved in ideation with the team for both the website and the app, and had the opportunity to expand my horizons through productive brainstorming sessions with experienced designers.

Specifically, I learned about the importance of designing for accessibility (a11y) through discussions on making sure our interfaces help passengers with disabilities utilize the platforms.

I have also been a part of the continuous user testing efforts followed by the team and lent an active hand in prototyping designs.

My latest endeavor is the Amtrak design system, which I am building from the ground up, collaborating with the team and taking constant feedback from all designers on the team. Currently, the team relies on a style guide which isn't dynamic in nature and thus increases the entropy of the interfaces as time passes and multiple designers work on projects. I hope to create a robust design system product for the company which would help improve efficiency of the design team.

I took the initiative to propose a move from 'Sketch' to 'Figma' for design software, and gained the approval from my supervisors and support of my team members. While I understand that a design software is just a medium, I feel this will open new doors for the design team and help create better experiences for the passengers faster with better collaboration.

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